N.H., 2018

C.M., 2018

Virtual Wedding Planning Support

Wishing to avoid ‘bridezilla’ craze, my desire to keep it super simple led to losing out on creating a beautiful day. I couldn’t envision how to put my wedding together without my worst fears ruining the day. 
Pulled2Gether (P2G) showed me that planning can be painless. The result was a day more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. With a simple yet thorough Google doc for keeping in touch long distance; the planning soon became fun. Dreaming through organizing!
I realized how little thought I’d put into the big day. I also realized how little effort is necessary with the help of someone who knows the right questions to ask.
Probably my favorite line item on my daily “Things to Think About” task was who would be in charge of walking and watching my dog on the day of the event. Who thinks of that? P2G does! They think of all the details and break them down to a manageable set of tasks. 
I will forever be grateful to P2G for helping me see there was another way to have the event of my dreams without the nightmare. (V.O., 2018)

Closet Clean Out

My experience with P2G Consulting started with a session with Val to control the chaos in our walk-in closet. With her help and inspiration, the chaos turned our closet into one of my favorite rooms in the house. But beyond my closet, the tips and follow-up Val provided have motivated me to work on organizing the rest of the chaos in my house. From the endless piles of papers on the desk in my kitchen to drawers and cupboards, no one usually sees - P2G Consulting has given me the ideas and help I need to Pull Together so many areas in my life! I highly recommend you reach out to see what they can to do for you! (R.W., 2017)

Supporting these happy clients with expertise and experience.

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