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Chapter Eleven: Be Your True Self - Scott Forester

We know that 'fit' is important. We pay close attention when we are purchasing shoes, for example. Scott helps us see that paying attention and knowing your 'size' is equally important when defining our ideal clients, partners, and colleagues. Self-exploration and attending to our responses in a variety of situations with a range of people helps us establish parameters for seeking and connecting in spaces where we are able to be our best and most effective professional selves.

The insights Scott shares about the need for awareness prompt me to consider not only my ideal consulting niche but of my ability to seek that fit that for my clients as well. Consulting and coaching to address workplace conflict means I see many professionals who are ready for a change. Building awareness and understanding of the existing conflict means using it to professional advantage whether that is communicating more clearly and negotiating a compromise or determining that moving on is the best outcome. Prioritizing fit is a critical to developing a professional setting where conflict is an advantage and all participants are comfortable in their role.

If you would like to read and reflect on how you can Be Your True Self, you will find Madison Area Business Consultant (MABC) publication We Wish We Had Known on Amazon.

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