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Chapter 9: Meet Employees and Clients Where They Are - Chris Flessert

Fundamental keys to providing exemplary consulting service include: asking the right question, listening fully and carefully, and reading between the lines. HR Consultant, Chris guides readers as they consider what these tools look like when applied to client interactions. Bringing decades of experience and the resulting insights to her tips, Chris provides clear avenues for improving clients services and strengthening your capacity to identify challenges and boost positive outcomes.

Over the course of my work in a variety of library and education settings, I have developed a heightened awareness of the importance of insightful, careful questioning. Even skillfully questions lose value if the corresponding action of listening is not focused and intent. Listening and watching to responses and reactions will provide the information needed to 'read between the lines' and interpret answers accurately. Success means not only having gathered critical information but also having built trust, leading to your client feel heard and understood. This begins the process of establishing a business relationship with a future.

Whether you have a specific interest in areas of HR or consult on other areas, Chris's insights deliver

valuable opportunities to reflect on client interactions.

You can access Chris's chapter and benefit from the wisdom of Madison Area Business Consultants' (MABC)

cohort of member-authors when you purchase their newly published book on Amazon.

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