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Chapter Eight: When - Trey Fischer

Timing is everything. We've all heard that nugget of wisdom and now Trey helps us internalize that truth. In his chapter, the importance of when is illustrated as planned timing is changed by a happy accident. With guidance to consider known cycles in the client experience to inform planning and communication, Trey moves our practice forward, building our awareness of when.

Much of my work with P2G focuses on educational consulting. In education the work cycles are quite entrenched. By identifying optimal timing for connecting and collaborating content development and outreach timelines can be developed with confidence. Given that circumstance, what sticks with me from Trey's chapter is the learning from an error of timing or happy accident. I rely on serendipity for much of my learning and this shared story heightens my awareness of the need to be attentive to details and to investigate results to identify cause and effect accurately.

Heighten your understanding of the importance of when and benefit from more valuable insights from member/authors by reading Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC)'s new publication, We Wish We Had Known, available for purchase on Amazon.

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