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Chapter 7: Collaboration is the Key to Masterminding Success - Stuart B. Fields

With clear, concise steps for structuring a mastermind group, Stuart conveys the potential rewards of building strong professional relationships. Leading us beyond adding acquaintances to a network, this segment provides motivation to develop a deep understanding with a small group of colleagues. The connection and collaboration that results is a powerful force in increasing participants' performance and impact.

Over the course of a beloved career in school libraries, I have seen the powerful result of building strong, collaborative professional relationships. I had the opportunity to establish collaborations that were literally award-winning. What Stuart's chapter draws my attention to, in ways that I have not explored deeply, are the choices made by default. The colleagues with whom I did not develop relationships. In some cases these may have been 'good' choices however I recently read about professional relationships being narcissistic and lazy. I was surprised but also moved to consider that I connect strongly with those colleagues who are overtly like minded and close in proximity. I look back and wonder about those colleagues who may have been closely aligned in values but needed to be drawn forward to shine. Where might we have gone together?

All professionals looking for a means to connect deeply and share richly with colleagues will benefit from Stuart's guidance. Expand your learning to encompass the writings of the author-members of Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC) whose recent publication, We Wish We Had Known is available for purchase on Amazon.

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