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Chapter 4: Stop Telling, Start Teaching - Heather Dean

The word 'reflection' is used throughout, Dean's chapter sharing how to make lasting change in businesses. The structured process of Taking a Teaching Approach outlines four concrete steps for improving outcomes. Each of these steps incorporates a bit of reflection which provides opportunities to increase clarity, anticipate challenges, and ensure unity.

I love the intentional combing of learning, reflection, sharing and action that are foundational to Dean's process. Having once wryly observed to a colleague that "...learning and reflection without action is daydreaming..." I particularly appreciate that each pause to reflect has a specific purpose that moves the process forward to a more impactful result.

If you would like to learn more about the Taking a Teaching Approach process along with other valuable

insights from other members of Madison Area Business Consultants, you can purchase a copy of We Wish

We Had Known on Amazon.

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