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Chapter Thirty: How to Grow Your Business Without Jeopardizing Your Sanity, Health, or Family Life - Judy Whalen

As with the authors of the previous twenty-nine chapters in Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC) publication, We Wish We Had Known, Judy delivers a solid idea that can be internalized and embedded in the reader's business strategy. For me, that nugget encourages crystallizing core values as a tool for finding harmony (rather than balance) among the competing demands of professional and personal life.

Drawing on the image of a teeter-totter to illustrate the concept allows us to see that life is not always in balance. Rather time and resources shift frequently to maintain functionality as well as wellbeing. A sense of harmony provides a perspective for considering stress and the degree to which it is moving us forward or presenting obstacles. When we are 'in harmony' each area sounds slightly different, yet contributes beautifully, and delivers us to the desired outcome.

Along with Judy's tips for achieving harmony, readers will find many valuable strategies and guidelines for enriching their professional experiences and reaching their goals in MABC's most recent publication We Wish We Had Known available for purchase on Amazon.

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