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Chapter Twenty-Nine: Fiddle With What to Say Before Where to Play - Mike Schuster

If the first step you take is off the path, you will get lost. That is what I took from Mike's chapter focusing on that most critical component of marketing, the actual content. Before creativity, before placement, before all else, the content of the message must be clear and relevant. To support this lesson, Mike provides 5 scaffolded, guided steps to achieving an effective message.

One of the best aspects of reading and reflecting on professional content are the flashes of insight that often occur. At times, not strictly related to the material, a challenge becomes illuminated. Mike's chapter lead me to my professional focus, helping professionals use conflict to improve outcomes. That little sentence encompasses all aspects of my work. Thank you Mike!!

If you need to rethink, clarify, and simplify your marketing message you will find a solid framework in Mike's brief chapter. Once you have access to the insights shared in Madison Area Business Consultant's recent publication, We Wish We Had Known you will find inspiration and motivation to improve your practice. We Wish We Had Known is available for purchase on Amazon.

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