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Chapter Twenty-Eight: Putting Strategy into Action - Melanie Schmidt

Immediately my attention is captured by the possibility of 'practical planning' and 'simple solutions'. The very idea is immensely appealing! As a person who is often stuck in information gathering and planning mode, I am eager to learn more about applying strategy to make purposeful progress. Happily Melanie delivers with clear, concrete actions to integrate strategic planning into every day practices.

The term 'strategic framework' inspired a vision of the physical framing of a building and the purpose of that structure to define and support the finishing work that follows. This concept alone will significantly move forward my understanding of how to activate my strategic plan. My newly charted roadmap will guide me in addressing a regular pitfall, getting drawn down a side road that does not lead to identified destination.

If you would benefit from bringing your strategic plan to life, Melanie's chapter provides the spark. Combined with the work of the other member/authors of Madison Area Business Consultant's (MABC) newest publication "We Wish We Had Known" you will find a wealth of wisdom and inspiration for renewed focus. "We Wish We Had Known" is available for purchase on Amazon.

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