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Chapter Twenty-Seven: The More, The Merrier, The Multiplier - Brooke Saucier

Focusing on facilitated networking, "making matches in the networking puzzle", author Brooke Saucier provides straight-forward tips for expanding professional networks. Taking each tip and considering how to implement it to advantage allows the reader to build their circle of professional contacts in a manner that is comfortable and rewarding.

Taking the actively grow your network advice into consideration, this could mean registering for and attending in-person networking events OR it could mean connecting via LinkedIn with other attendees at a virtual workshop. This tip reminded me that sending a connect request to the author of books I review is an easy way to continue learning and sharing relevant content with my LinkedIn contacts.

My favorite tip has to do with coordinating efforts with accountability partners. I have done this for years and find that to do the work effectively requires a trusting relationship. Revealing professional needs and perhaps weaknesses to an accountability partner demands vulnerability. The resulting collegial relationship is strengthened and provides support and connection well beyond the initial work. It is a strategy I highly recommend.

It you are interested in strategies for expanding and strengthening your professional network, this chapter by Brooke Saucier in We Wish We Had Known, along with the work of the other authors of this newest publication from Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC), will serve you well. We Wish We Had Known is available for purchase on Amazon.

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