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Chapter Twenty-Four: Marking Your To-Do List More Doable - Rachel Rasmussen

Tackling the topic of the always evolving to-do list, Rachel provides guidance for developing a system to manage tasks effectively. Approaching to-do lists with an eye toward outsourcing/delegating and segmentation/categorization helps see where time and effort is being spent; allowing a cost benefit balance to solidify. Finding task managements tools that allow appropriate prioritization and tracking combined with a strong calendaring system can deliver results. And just like that, Rachel has us on our way to feeling organized and being more productive. Who doesn't want that?

As I read this chapter I realized that my tangible to-do list is on paper but I maintain an intangible to-do list that exists only in my mind. Tracking and balancing the two can be tricky and a little stressful. The suggestion that most appeals to me is increasing my calendar blocking. This is less about tracking specific tasks and more about imposing some sense of deadlines. Deadlines and accountability are my motivators. Without them tasks linger on and on.

If your to-do list could use a nudge toward completion, you will benefit from reading the advice provided by Rachel Rasmussen as well as the other author/members of Madison Business Consultants (MABC) publication We Wish We Had Known available on Amazon.

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