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Chapter Twenty-Three: Embracing Imperfection - Frances Parker

Despite the imperfection that is the human condition, we strive for perfection. Exploring strategies for accepting our limitations and ensuring that we move forward is the focus of this chapter. With concrete observations on the benefits of letting go of perfection, Frances encourages us to take the risk, embracing (and learning from) existing imperfections.

Having read Frances' chapter in the same 24 hour span as discovering The Cult of Done Manifesto, it seems the universe has a message for us. Relax, get your work done, learn and grow, and move on. I am great at supporting others in reaching their goals but often fall into a pit of procrastination myself. There are so many insignificant tasks providing an opportunity to delay tackling meaningful projects. Alleviating the weight of needing to produce a perfect makes addressing demanding work manageable.

If you would like to relieve the strain of striving for perfection, Frances' chapter in We Wish We Had Known will help get you on your way. We Wish We Had Known is a publication of Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC) and is available on Amazon.

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