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Chapter Twenty-Two: Staying On Course - Susan D. Oja

Diving in with the recounting of a dramatic experience allows us to feel the incredible stress felt when well-laid plans go off course. A reminder not only of the importance of 'staying on course' but of the fallback positions that must be in place when circumstances are beyond our control and our capacity to right the course is depends on sound decision-making and refusal to panic.

In our current climate it can be difficult to know which way to turn and how to best uphold our core values. Susan coaches readers to maintain focus, check against values, and stick with decisions even when they are challenging to uphold. There is so much value in this brief chapter. One lesson that resonates comes near the end. Sticking to the moral high ground does not require 'meanness or vindictiveness'. "Choose to give grace!"

Readers will find many gems packed into Susan's chapter as well as in those of the other member-authors featured in the newest publication from Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC), We Wish We Had Known available on Amazon.

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