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Chapter 3: A Business Plan: 50 Cups of Coffee - Mary Helen Conroy

Sharing a mainstay in her day, author Mary Helen Conroy delivers an essential strategy for networking. Using her devotion to coffee, Conroy issues invitations to share a cup as a means of connecting. It is a brilliant strategy for its simplicity and relatability. Enriching this connection with intention and planning is what transforms a cup of coffee into a solid professional relationship.

Mary Helen's chapter provides the gentle nudge I've needed to take more care when developing connections. I overestimate my memory and need to be more consistent in note-taking and keeping track of what I learn. I love the suggestion to enter initial meetings with planned questions for sparking conversation. It is easy for me to enter a room of colleagues with shared experiences but expanding networks means moving beyond that comfort zone. Anticipating discomfort and planning to initiate connections delivers rewards.

You can benefit from tidbits of wisdom like this gem from Mary Helen when you purchase We Wish We Had Known

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