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Chapter Twenty-One: Use Authentic Voice to Engage Clients - Ann Massie Nelson

Establishing a strong connection with prospective clients it critical to a consultant's success. While word-of-mouth marketing and networking are great ways to promote yourself and your services, using promotional videos on your website and social media provide a similar experience for engaging clients. A well planned and executed video delivers a level of connection similar to that of an in-person encounter.

More than text and static photos, videos convey your unique qualities and qualifications. Prospective clients having a personal sense of connection makes it easier for them to reach out and learn more about your services. Planning is a critical part of producing a quality video. Working with a professional video producer can make this process run more smoothly and increase the quality of the end product.

You can learn more about the desired outcomes of a well produced video when you read Ann's chapter in We Wish We Had Known a publication of Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC) available for purchase on Amazon.

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