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Chapter Twenty: Be the Best SME Ever! - Dawn J. Mahoney

A critical aspect of being a subject matter expert (SME) is working collaboratively. As Dawn shares, subject matter experts are a piece of the puzzle, not a fully realized solution. Tips assist SMEs in developing an awareness of their impact on projects, leading to improved outcomes and enhancing their reputation.

By identifying pitfalls that SMEs will want to avoid when engaging in collaborative work, Dawn illuminates the damage that not being fully present in our work can inflict. These are great reminders (my fav addresses the need for meeting agendas!) for anyone embarking on a collaborative assignment and when the warnings are heeded increase our value to our colleagues and our work outcomes.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from these cautionary tips found in We Wish We Had Known, a new publication from Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC) available for purchase on Amazon.

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