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Chapter Nineteen: Principles Matter: Honesty is the Best Policy - Diana Mahaffey

Don't let an awkward inquiry derail your ability to establish credibility and trusting professional relationships. As Mahaffey shares in her chapter, clients rely on the consultants they hire to be truthful. Overstating or allowing clients to draw inaccurate conclusions about your depth of understanding is detrimental for everyone. In fact, as Mahaffey points out, often a lack of familiarity can be used to advantage.

Having clearly defined your area and level of expertise is foundational to providing quality customer care. Setting parameters during an initial conversation should mean that your clients know exactly what type of guidance you are offering and what learning may be needed. You have a skill set that can benefit your client and the capacity to learn industry specific knowledge. However, it is your reputation for thorough, honest work that will carry your business forward.

Building client relationships on honesty and trust is vital for consultants, Diana Mahaffey and several other member-authors share valuable tips for establishing credibility in "We Wish We Had Known" a publication of Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC) available for purchase on Amazon.

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