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Chapter Eighteen: The Customer Is Not Always Right! - William McCarthy, PhD

Using an analogy that captures reader attention (driver assist automobiles), McCarthy illustrates why it is vital to fully understand a challenge prior to attempting to address it. We often want to demonstrate our value and problem-solving capability by diving in and taking action. This can lead to down pathways that are ineffective and waste resources. Sharing straightforward steps to bring clarity to a clients problem, McCarthy increases our ability to establish trust with clients and deliver desired results.

With common sense reminders to act respectfully while digging for causes and conditions, this chapter delivers solid advice for establishing a reputation for trustworthiness. Professional reputations hinge on delivering results and professional conduct. McCarthy delivers a great reminder that it is better to walk away from a situation where clients are dismissive of additional information gathering than to attempt to implement a solution based on incomplete or inaccurate information.

Learn new ways to ensure that clients share the preliminary information necessary for success when you read William McCarthy's chapter in the new Madison Area Business Consultant (MABC) publication, We Wish We Had Known available on Amazon.

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