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Chapter Seventeen: Create Your Personal GPS - Nancy Kruschke

In this chapter, Nancy delivers solid advice for allocating time to get accomplish prioritized work and deliver desired outcomes. Using your "Personal GPS" to navigate daily, weekly, monthly tasks can help ensure you achieve your goals, meet client expectations, and perform maintenance tasks for your business health that can be easy to push aside. The intentional creation of boundaries around work time is vital to providing the focus needed for high-level execution.

I love the direction Nancy provides to pay attention to our energy and match our work focus with the amount of time and energy each item demands. I have additional needs that I think fit into this flexible framework and build on Nancy's clear GPS model. I need a stick to hold me accountable, essentially the GPS voice alerting me to when I have left the path. "rerouting...rerouting...rerouting is what I imagine hearing as I field a call from my Dad or a text reminding me to walk my dog. Some of those interruptions or redirections are necessary, and I find a guilty pleasure in imaging the frustration in my GPS guide's voice as I stop for a rest break at an imagined KwikTrip.

Take advantage of Nancy's time management advice and increase your productivity. You can find her

chapter, along with the wisdom of other member-authors, in Madison Area Business Consultant's new

publication "We Wish We Had Known" available on Amazon.

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