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Chapter Fifteen: The Deal is Never Done Until the Check Clears - Lee S. Johnsen

It is so easy to make assumptions regarding a colleague's behavior, particularly when we consider that colleague a friend. Lee helps us to see that acting assumptions can lead to miscommunication, lost income, and lost trust. By laying the ground work for clear and formalized communication resulting in a written and signed agreement, much confusion and pain can be avoided. A simple yet invaluable lesson!

The majority of my work relies on 'word of mouth' referrals, collaboration with colleagues, and drawing lessons from professional relationships. It is so easy to assume that I know how my treasured colleagues/friends will respond to a situation or a request. As Lee points out this is shaky ground. Current global circumstances have illuminated the truth that I do not always know what is impacting my friends and colleagues reactions. By sharing ideas and soliciting their input and willingness to respond, I not only ensure that I have a solid understanding of our agreement but also avoid adding stress to their lives while demonstrating my concern for them beyond the project at hand.

If you care about building and maintaining trusting collegial relationships, Lee's chapter provides a solid framework from which to build. Learn from Lee and other member-authors when you purchase We Wish We Had Known the newest publication from Madison Area Business Consultants. We Wish We Had Known is available for purchase on Amazon.

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