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Chapter Fourteen: Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition - Tara Ingalls

Articulating the unique aspects of your business is vital to the creation of effective marketing. Tara guides us through a reflective exercise to identify what sets us apart from the competition. Based on the foundational question, "Why is this unique selling proposition important to my customer?" we dig in to find the heart of our mission. This process can lead to new insights and perhaps a branding refresh that can revitalize messaging and grow business.

Several pieces of the process resonated with me both for my business and for my clients. One is the prompt to bring all members of the organization to the table for brainstorming. I have seen the need to hear from everyone at least some of the time, in many of the business books I review. It is an concept whose time has come and impacts employee engagement deeply. Another standout for me was intentionally culling messaging that could seem disingenuous. In my work, I frequently encourage clients and colleagues to reframe an idea, reaction, suggestion, or criticism in hopes of making it more effective and palatable. If your messaging is off-putting or raises red flags, business will suffer.

If it is time to refresh your brand and strengthen your messaging, you will benefit from reading Tara's chapter in the new Madison Area Business Consultants publication, "We Wish We Had Known" available for purchase on Amazon.

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