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Chapter Thirteen: Constructive Joy: The Indispensable Twin to Hard Work - Hollie H. Hollister

Hollie walks us through a 3-step process for integrating 'constructive joy' into our live. The process both enhances our work/life experience and provides a tool to prevent burnout. Drawing on lived experience, Hollie makes the case for being intentional how we approach our responsibilities both those we enjoy and those we dread. Using the framework provided, we reflect on our strengths to alter our approach to draining tasks, in the process creating a more positive work environment.

The structure for altering how draining tasks are approached is one that leads to greater productivity. Dreaded work responsibilities are often avoided, hurried, and subpar in execution. Taking the time to reflect on the importance of the work, the strengths that you bring to that work, and the satisfaction of completion aids in reducing related stress.

Do you find you have responsibilities you dread and/or avoid? Learn from Hollie and other member-authors when you purchase We Wish We Had Known, the newest publication of Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC). We Wish We Had Known is available for purchase on Amazon.

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