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Chapter Twelve: How to Create a Strategic Marketing Plan and Take Action - Carol Goedken

Using a concrete and timebound structure, Carol provides the foundation for creating an executable marketing plan. From brainstorming to inviting necessary contributors, the groundwork is laid for working a comprehensive planning process.

I appreciate that brainstorming is highlighted as a foundational component of Carol's process. Despite having worked through my marketing plans on multiple occasions, the focus of my work has shifted enough that going back to a brainstorming activity is valuable. Each factor is cause for reflection and speculation which is also what makes the direction to limit the process to 3 hours incredibly beneficial. I could easily spend 3 hours considering my market analysis and delve into my network of target customers. With a straightforward structure outlined, it is easy to make each step timebound and keep the plan moving forward.

If your marketing plan could use a refresh, Carol's process makes that doable. Learn from Carol and the other member-authors of Madison Area Business Consultants (MABC) newest publication We Wish We Had Known available on Amazon.

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