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Chapter 2: Accelerate Your Business with a Brand Book - Mary Jane Connor

Focused on the development and use of a 'brand book' as a navigational tool for establishing a business identity that stands out from the overwhelming volume of marketing content your target audience is exposed to everyday, author Mary Jane Connor delivers. Bolstered with marketing statistics that provide evidence of its value, Connor details 10 brand elements that make starting a brand book doable.

As a solo consultant, this chapter provided insight into the dangers of my default content creation. I have made broad choices in terms of colors, fonts, etc. but have not nailed down specifics to develop a signature look. My graphic selection is entirely point of need and in the moment making it difficult to convey a cohesive message. These are challenges that can be addressed with a bit of intentional planning and the development of a brand book.

Exploring the concept of a brand book with Mary Jane's guidance can strengthen your messaging and allow

your target audience to find you more readily. We Wish We Had Known is a publication of Madison Area

Business Consultants (MABC) and is available for purchase on Amazon.

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