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Read, Review, Reflect | We Wish We Had Known

Chapter 1: Your Interactive Adventure Story - Laura Paisley Beck

Author and consultant Laura Beck focuses on providing support and guidance for anyone struggling to get unstuck. As I embark on an exploration of We Wish We Had Known, digesting and reflecting on a chapter a day, it seems from the beginning that there is value here on many levels; personal as well as professional.

A structured examination of an exhaustive list of potential outcomes and consequences can provide assistance in facing a personal or professional quandary. I like this suggestion to the extent that it reflects a strategy in conflict mediation that asks participants to consider the best, worst, and most likely outcomes of their particular conflict as a means of working toward a realistic resolution.

As someone who loves to make lists and create alternate scenarios, I fear the possibility of overusing this strategy. The time invested in the deep exploration could become "analysis paralysis" if allowed. I love this suggestion as an aid in critical decision-making and as an adaptation to a quick mental exercise

for less momentous choices.

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