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Chapter Twenty-Six: Sales Prospecting for New Business - John Russell

When we observe successful sales people, their work often appears effortless. In his chapter, John Russell reveals a fundamental principle hidden behind that success. A system. Beginning with prospecting and research and flowing through to developing and maintaining relationships, the system is at once clear and challenging.

John striking message is that no part of becoming successful in developing new business is effortless. With a concrete process to rely on and a real desire to solve a prospect's problem, sales will come. This chapter is packed with practical strategies to employ and a generosity of spirit that itself teaches a lesson. The encouraging tone will bolster new business developers in the process of solidifying the sales process that best fits them.

If you are looking for a boost in your professional practice, this chapter and others by the authors of Madison Area Business Consultants' (MABC) publication We Wish We Had Known will serve you well. We Wish We Had Known is available for purchase on Amazon.

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