Organized365: December

Here it is! The final month of 2018. Time to look back and reflect as well as look forward in anticipation!

Organized365 332/365

With 31 days left, Team P2G is on the brink of successfully completing our 2018 resolution to post an organizing tip for work or home for all 365 days of the year. It has been a challenge and we are excited to be in the home stretch! Note: our number is off and we are not taking the time to track down where that happened. Forward!

Which of your 2018 dreams have you attained?

Organized365 333/365

Time to order your 2019 planning calendar(s)! Get a jump on scheduling action steps to ensure goal achievement. If you love shopping for planners and writing lists this is the time to indulge while being productive. We use both the Planner Pad Organizer and the Momentum Planner. Take time to preview the interior pages to ensure your planning preferences will be met.

Organized365 334/365

Take Action!

The concept of mindfulness is flooding our news and entertainment media sources. Being mindful is valuable but do not stop there. What will you accomplish in the moment you are experiencing? Reflection without action is daydreaming. Positive thinking alone is not enough.

You need to take action. That may mean making a change, saying "no" to a commitment, developing a plan/timeline for achieving a goal or learning a new skill.

What will you act on today?

Organized365 335/365

Heading into a Meeting?

Know why you are going. Whether you are attending for personal or professional reasons you will benefit from understanding your purpose at the meeting. Are you facilitating? Will you be expected to weigh in? Are you receiving information you will then be expected to act on?

Being prepared prior to the meeting will increase the meetings value and your effectiveness.

Organized365 336/365

Delays starting a meeting can be frustrating. Have some quick tasks to occupy your attention or use the time to strengthen relationships with the colleagues who are in the room.

Organized 365 337/365

Schedule for Goal Achievement

Carve out distinct time to devote to a project/goal and get it on your calendar. Regular progress will help form habits of time management increasing your work/life balance and reducing stress.

Organized365 338/365

Here Comes Flu Season!

Grab disinfectant wipes and take a quick turn around your home and/or office. Wiping down handles, your keyboard, and light switches can make a difference during flu season. Stay Healthy!

Organized365 339/365

Planning can allow a quick getaway weekend to be fun and productive. One of the few multitasking strategies that works is catching up with friends while shopping and eating. Celebrate your relationships and make some headway on holiday gifts.

Organized365 340/365

Jumpstart Your Monday!

Taking 10-15 minutes Sunday evening to review the top demands you will face tomorrow helps alleviate the dread Mondays can bring. Anticipating where you will need to focus your time helps avoid being derailed by requests from over the weekend.

Organized365 344/365

Extend Invitations Personally & Repeatedly

Whether you are rallying colleagues for bonding over after 5 drinks or planning a holiday event for neighbors, make sure that people know you want them, specifically. Follow up an email invite with an office walk through for face-to-face follow up. Checking in with neighbors when you see them out shoveling the drive.

Organized365 345/365

Find yourself reading how-to articles for dealing with annoying colleagues? Make sure you watch for your own behavior to be reflected back to you. Break a situation down to the bare facts and then consider possibilities for reframing it without negative assumptions. Identify possible solutions before broaching colleagues or supervisors with complaints.

Organized365 346/365

Think reading is either entertaining or informational? Consider that it can be both. Read a 'guilty pleasure' novel but attend carefully to the interactions between characters. What motivates their choices? Consider how differently you might respond in a similar exchange. Take your broader understanding and apply it IRL!

Organized365 346/365

Self Care at Work

One of the easiest ways you can ensure your comfort at work is to have some personal care supplies handy. Suggested items include: cough drops, gum, an emery board, OTC pain reliever, dental floss, mints, bandaids.....

Particularly important during flu season!

Organized365 347/365

Ensure your home is presentable for 'drop-by' company by developing a speed-cleaning routine. Move through your home gathering items for the laundry, stray items needing to be put away, and collect empty soda cans and napkins for the garbage.

Have a routine that works for you? Race the clock. Setting a PR is motivating and chore time truly flies. Bonus: challenge family members to a competition and share the work!

Organized365 348/365

Pet First Aid Awareness

Here are great tips for preventing pet emergencies & being prepared if the need arises from @uwvetmed

Holiday celebrations can include many health hazards for your pets. Monitor their environment with a watchful eye and remember to have your vet's contact information along if you are traveling.

Organized365 349/365

Prep for Holiday/Winter Travel with Healthy Snacks

Snacks prepared at home help keep energy levels high and crabbiness low. Make healthy choices based on your mode of travel: car, bike, plane... Bonus: they are good for your wallet too!

Organized365 350/365

Here is some fantastic advice from Chef Jose Andres of World Central Kitchen, "When you find yourself up against a challenge, just start moving."

If one of the final tasks on your 2018 list includes making charitable donations, consider the good work that World Central Kitchen is doing and support them.

Organized365 351/365

Have you implemented a 'rule' or guideline and find you are constantly meeting resistance? Have you shutdown colleagues to address a perceived disconnect? Carefully assess the value of making most colleagues unhappy if the only value is congratulating yourself on having taken action. Listening and self reflection are powerful leadership tools.

Organized365 352/365

In the midst of gift wrapping? Take the time to sort your materials. Gift bags piled by size and theme. Ribbon left unused for last 10 years, toss. Ugly gift tags, toss. Once materials are organized, clear a table or counter and let the wrapping begin!

Organized365 353/365

In one short week it will be time to start thinking about....THANK YOU notes! Whether you text, call or email, acknowledging the thoughtfulness of others is important and deserving of time and care.

Rather than rattle off a generic 'It was great to see you.' be specific. From a recent note..."It is simultaneously peaceful and stimulating at your home." We were delighted with this take on our hospitality. Make an effort to provide the same boost for your loved ones.

Organized365 354/365

Stop searching for that perfect gift item and instead give a shared experience. Host a weekend getaway for 'just the kids' (parents win too). Have a cherished teen in your life? Schedule a spa outing or convert every room in your house into an Escape Room challenge. Good times, happy memories & none of the clutter of more stuff.

Organized365 355/365

Struggling with your email subject headings? Cramming your entire msg in the subject line is rarely effective. It does not save your recipient time (they still have to open it to see your empty email body) and can cause a lot of confusion. A good use of organizational time is establishing naming conventions for projects and a standard format for subject headings that make relocating messages days, weeks and months later easy to do.

Organized365 356/365

You don't have to be an aspiring 'titan of industry' to want to shine professionally. Take advantage of free articles in business newsletters and explore the resources at your local public library. You can be on the cutting edge without a C-suite salary or stress.

Organized365 357/365

Keep an eye out for small, quirky, last minute gift items. They are often the biggest hit, garnering laughter and engaging loved ones.

Do NOT forget to put out cookies for Santa!!

Organized365 358/365

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Best wishes for a joyful time with family and friends.

Organized365 359/365

Boxing Day! Use this British tradition to clear space for holiday gifts. Instead of presenting a "Christmas box" to your servants, make a donation to your local clothing bank or donation site.

Organized365 360/365

Before making any New Year's resolutions, take a moment to reflect on your process and feelings about 2018 goals. What were the pain points you would like to avoid in the coming year. If you renew a resolution, how will you approach it differently or reinforce your growth? This year, Team P2G will be avoiding any resolutions that include an 'every day we will' component!

Organized365 362/365

Add more than birthdays to your 2019 calendar reminders. Include tips, tricks, ideas for achieving your goals. My favorite thinking prompts and reminders come as texts to myself. I'm quite responsive. LOL!

Organized365 363/365

Set new goals and begin your research. Fresh ideas and shared challenges are the types of content that you can find online and in print materials that provide motivation to keep going. A new spin on your arsenal of tricks can spark growth. Go to your library IRL or online!!

Organized365 364/365

Phew! Our year of 'Tip A Day' strategies for personal and professional growth is winding down.

What challenge(s) will you tackle in the New Year? Make the most it!!

Wishing you all the best in 2019. You can view our December posts here: