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Organized365: August

Make even the dog days of August productive with these tips...

Organized365 210/365

Have you noticed that the majority of the articles on getting your stuff organized involved buying more things? Don't, just don't. You do not need to have all white or clear acrylic organizers and matching baskets to organize your belongings. Start by locating damaged, stained, and worn out items and toss them. Move forward from there.

Need help taking that first step? Contact us at Together, we've got this!

Organized365 211/365

Unsubscribe – Yep, again….

Review your regular email subscriptions, assuming you have already eliminated unwanted newsletters, consider those remaining. Although you may enjoy them, do they primarily reaffirm information you already know? Do you regularly review the headers but never read deeply? Are they repetitive? Consider unsubscribing from a few of them or filter them into a folder and see if you really miss them. Even interesting newsletters can distract from activities or work you value.

Organized365 212/365

Back-to-school is fast approaching, in some areas of the country it has already arrived. Kids will be more excited about school and invested in participating if they have selected colorfully designed folders and a new backpack or lunch bag.

However, allowing kids to make their own choices regarding new school supplies can slow the buying process. Help them feel invested and speed up the decision making process by selecting a smaller pool of items for them to pick from. Instead of 20 different backpacks, let them pick from a group of 3 that you have vetted for quality and cost.

Organized365 213/365

Manage the task that is in front of you.

Unexpected tasks crop up all the time both at home and at work. When this happens to you, deal with the "have to". Don't let these pop-up tasks derail you. Identify and address the have to. Plan for addressing less urgent related tasks another time, execute and move on.

Organized365 214/365

Capture Your Ideas!

Using your phone's camera or by texting yourself, you can make sure your brilliant but fleeting inspirations are captured for acting on in the future. Don't skip the critical step of reviewing the content in those texts and your photo albums for formal planning at work and/or home.

Organized365 215/365

Does your storage unit stress you out?

Storage units are an expensive way to deal with clutter. If you (or your parents) are struggling with downsizing Pulled2Gether Consulting, LLC can help. Keep the belongings you need and love and either sell, donate or toss all else. Contact P2G today to take that 1st step.

Organized365 216/365

Execute the ideas and projects you already have going. Apologies to Pinterest but the last thing I need right now is another idea. I have a stack that goes back literally years. In what may be a short trial period, I am deleting my emails that contain new project fodder and am focusing on working through the backlog. Do you have a backlog of dream projects to explore? Join me and share your results!

Organized365 217/365

Project Review: Happy/Sad

Focusing on a project backlog can lead to rediscovery of an exciting idea or the realization that a particular projects time has come and gone with said project left undone. Keep moving forward. Schedule time (in ink!) to begin work on the exciting discovery and feel the satisfaction of taking action.

Organized365 218/365

Send A Reminder

Spare yourself the frustration of a missed deadline or forgotten meeting. Send colleagues and friends a reminder confirming meeting time/location and expectations if work is involved. While you may be able to hold all of your obligations on your radar, others struggle often due to an overload of responsibilities. Give everyone a break, sent a quick text or email, and avoid misunderstandings.

Organized365 219/365

Use a Tickler Folder

Scheduling projects & events into the future can be challenging. Entering an item on your calendar may not provide the prompting needed to follow up on final details. Establish a folder in your email to store messages with information and contacts for staying on top of the prep needed for upcoming obligations.

Organized365 220/365

Every where we turn there are recommended reading lists being promoted. Oprah, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sarah Jessica Parker....the list goes on. The underlying message is that learning and thinking are important and lead to success. Carve out time to contemplate ideas and learn about global experiences. Engage with others and deepen your understandings with conversation.

When you follow stagnant routines and engage in the same experiences you limit your potential and stunt