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Organized365: July

The halfway point of 2018 has arrived!

Reflect on the goals you have achieved. What have you accomplished that you had not anticipated? What goals remain?

Focus on developing a plan for moving forward and then implement!

Organized365 180/365

With the 1st half of 2018 in the past, take time to reflect on your goals and the tasks that remain ahead. This compilation of our June tips can help:

Organized365 181/365

Counting Bathroom Content (300,000) con't from June

Two guest bathrooms reveal quite different content.

Basics in one = 16 items. Content in 2nd bathroom = 28.

Revealing more than just how many things we have, this part of the count shed some light on how the different bathrooms are used. Location impacts use. The bathroom near our guest bedroom contains more items. It is outfitted to ensure guests' comfort.

Organized365 182/365

Make sure you know where your appliance instruction manuals are located. Gathering them together in one spot is memorable and makes them much easier to find when needed.

Don't get caught unprepared. Having to conduct a search for a misplaced booklet under pressure is frustrating.

Organized365 183/365


Don't let picnic pressure cast a shadow on your holiday. Build on a combination of prepared and semi-homemade items to bring your party together. Relax, savoring a summer day enjoying family & friends.

Organized365 184/365

Things that Count (300,000)

The control box for your well pump. Normally, I would not count this as it is part of our home's structure but now that it is not working, it has my attention. So does the manual that comes with the new control box count as an additional item as well?

Organized365 185/365

Count Skyrockets (300,000)

To date the belongings count has been quite reasonable however we are about to embark on clothes and book counts. A sharp increase in numbers is sure to follow.... What items make up your biggest collections?

Organized365 186/365

Dressers - In & Out of Season (300,000)

One shared dresser, good sized but still surprised with its 280 items. The socks were counted in pair but 'holy smoke' there were a lot of them. A search for holes did not reduce the number significantly.

The realizations that come with this counting adventure are not necessarily mind-blowing but are interesting. Many of my socks are worn only under very specific circumstances, for example only with a particular pair of shoes or a particular form of exercise.

Organized365 187/365

Back-to-School on the horizon!

Start watching now for school supply items that are on sale or unique. A backpack, lunch bag or pen/pencil holder purchased while on vacation will boost your child's morale throughout the school year. Track your purchases to avoid overdosing on highlighters and forgetting pens. Spreading your purchases out over the next month or so avoids an overwhelming 'one and done' shopping spree and doesn't hit the wallet all at once.

Organized365 188/365

Hope Chest (300,000)

Reduced from 5 items to 1. Discovered ancient pillows stored for use when overrun with guests. Never used when overrun during the past year+. Out go these pillows. As the count moves into low traffic areas, I anticipate more opportunities to eliminate unneeded, unloved items.

Organized365 189/365

Optimize Your Day

Take advantage of a business appointment and schedule lunch with a friend while you are in the area. Run errands to businesses on the same side of town. Reviewing your schedule and anticipating needs increases efficiency and allows you to get the most out of your time.

Organized365 190/365

Book Shelves!! (300,000)

Books in master bedroom = 84. Other items on shelf 15. There are 3 other bookcases to get to in the days ahead. The Wolf Lake Little Free Library has a deep pool to draw from once the counting ends and the reading resumes!

Organized365 191/365

Closets (300,000)

Master closet count = 471. Shoes counted as a pair, hangers not counted. Starting to see how a different counting system would allow count to reach 300,000. My count will not get close but not because I'm a minimalist. Counting this closet reminds me that there is still some clothes weeding to do!

Organized365 192/365

Strategic timing is everything. (Morning routine)

Providing puppy with a last bathroom break before you head out the door in the morning is not the time to introduce a new harness. You will be frustrated, flustered, and most likely late.

Josie's new harness took a half hour of multiple adjustments to get right. She was too distracted by trying to chew the front clip to realize that I was hoping she would go to the bathroom once we were outside.

Happily, we had plenty of time to mess around. Getting new equipment is exciting but timing is everything for a successful introduction. This lesson will translate nicely to the humans in your life as well.

Organized365 193/365

Counting Sheep?

Up at night worrying about tasks left undone or worse forgotten? Take a step back to look at your work/life balance and identify challenges that are causing stress. Once the problem has been named, solutions can be put in place to address the issues moving you toward more restful nights.

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