Organized365: May

May's Organized365 suggestions are in full bloom with an abundance of inspiration. What areas will you focus on? Where would you most benefit from a tip or trick? Contact us at Pulled2Gether Consulting to submit requests!

Organized365 119/365

Scanning records and documents for easy storage is only effective if you have established a digital filing system. You may organize digital files using categories similar to those reflected in your paper files. You may wish to change labels and folder hierarchy to solve a 'missing' file issue. The upside of establishing a digital filing system the ease with which it can be updated.

Organized365 120/365

Take Back Your Inbox

Unsubscribing from newsletters is pretty straightforward but occasionally it just doesn't take. If you find that after several attempts an unwanted newsletter continues to arrive in your inbox, set up a rule to filter it directly to a junk folder or label it as spam. Take back your inbox and leave the way clear for messages you want and need to see.

Organized365 121/365

Pre-pack for Committee Mtgs, Classes, Activities

Packing a designated tote in advance of recurring commitments makes getting out the door easier. Heading into 6 weeks of puppy classes? Pack a bag with wipes, poop bags, toys, treats, water & bowl, leash, and blanket. Some items can stay in the bag week after week, others will need to be refreshed the day of class. Arrive prepared!

Organized365 122/365

Travel with Healthy Snacks

Snacks prepared at home help keep energy levels high and crabbiness low. Make healthy choices based on your mode of travel: car, bike, plane... Bonus: they are good for your wallet too!

Organized365 123/365

Make It A Family Affair

Encouraging family members to assist in maintaining household routines can be aided with a “dump zone”, buddy system, random chore drawing and other strategies. Tweens and teens designing and decorating their own bedroom space are more motivated to do the maintenance necessary to complete their vision.

Organized365 124/365

Let the sunshine in!

Spring means opening windows to allow fresh air inside, however, that first look isn’t always pleasant. Take a few minutes to wipe each window. A toothbrush allows you to get into window frame crevices and remove the remnants of winter.

Organized365 125/365

Cleaning the Fridge: Again

A great way to make healthy eating a priority is to "see" the produce in your refrigerator. Sorting through food items on a weekly basis allows you to be aware of and USE fruits and vegetables that so often are neglected, spoil, and lead to feeling bad about the waste.

Haul refrigerated items out shelf by shelf, drawer by drawer. Place items you want to use in the next day or two to the front. Group items you will combine for a healthy meal and let the good feelings flow.

Organized365 126/365

Email Management Tips!

Taking control of your email inbox means addressing several different types of messages. Learn how to tailor your inbox to meet your unique needs. Contact us at Pulled2Gether Consulting and request our free eBook.

Organized365 127/365

Chat & Clean

Take advantage of the speaker feature on your phone. Organize a cabinet as you visit with friends and family. This is low demand multitasking that increases your productivity.

Do make careful decisions about when you use this strategy. If your conversation focuses on detailed plans or sensitive subjects devote your full attention to the person with whom you are communicating.

Organized365 128/365

Break It Down

Segmenting a major task (raking out flower beds!) can help with motivation and provide a sense of accomplishment even when there is much work left to be done.

Identify a starting point and mentally establish a marker of how much you can achieve in one work session. Keep moving forward. Sharing the task with family members not only lightens the load but provides time to connect.

Organized365 129/365

Unique Gift Giving

Take advantage of the array of subscription boxes that are available to find unique items for that special someone who has everything. There are hundreds of options! We recently used CrateJoy to find the perfect Mother's Day gift. Added Bonus: your recipient is reminded of your love and thoughtfulness every time a box arrives!

Organized365 130/365

Stop Jumping Through Hoops!

If your personal or professional routines leave you feeling stressed, address your challenges and implement strategies to streamline your tasks. The Organizing Strategiests at Pulled2Gether Consulting are here to help! Taking that first step to making stress reduction a priority and carving out the time to make changes that fit your circumstances is critical. Visit our website at to get started!

Organized365 131/365

Look Beyond the Clock

Streamlining routines brings the promise of fewer minutes spent on regular tasks. As you strategize new processes and solutions do not forget to consider your mental and emotional responses to specific routines. If the time you spend in the shower relaxes and refreshes you mentally, do not short change yourself (same with walking the dog or playing with the kiddos). Look some where else to gain back time. Don't overlook the option of delegating tasks and removing them from your process entirely.

Organized365 132/365

Beat the Rush!

As you reduce the physical and social clutter in your life, develop a plan and identify criteria for adding in future material goods and social/professional obligations.

Taking the time to be intentional about accepting or passing on purchases and invitations is critical to maintaining your newly streamlined existence.

Invest this time to move forward with less stress and a doable schedule.

Organized365 133/365

Launch in Summer - Ease into Fall

Is your planner your “go to”? This habit can begin early.

From learning the fundamentals in elementary school, keeping school, extra-curricular, and work schedules organized in high school to being a life-line in college -- “plan” for success!

**Start now! Summer's activities are mostly fun so keeping track of them is motivating. Carry your schedule planning routines into the school year.

Organized365 134/365

Hydrate Your Pet

Warmer weather means planning for your “best friends” outside times. From a collapsible cup for traveling to a regularly refreshed outdoor water dish, anticipate your pet's needs for staying hydrated and healthy.

Organized365 135/365

It's Remodeling Season!

Ask your contractor for as detailed schedule as possible. Schedules change and many different pieces need coordinating. Make sure you know what is and will happen, to the best of your contractor's ability.

This is especially important for a kitchen project, so you won’t be huddled over a toaster oven for any longer than necessary. Weekly check-ins help you stay informed and keeps your project on track. - With thanks to @AdamBlust.

Organized365 136/365

Meal Prep to Reduce Stress: Two Birds Literally

Using a meat tenderizing mallet on steak, chicken or pork provides a wonderful outlet for pent up frustration. Pounding your entree protein into submission will enhance both your meal and your attitude. Go ahead and pound it out!

Organized365 137/365

Fun & Organized

Take advantage of your weekend explorations and keep an eye out for unique gifts or activity ideas for sharing with friends and family. Your pleasure in free time discoveries is extended and help you prepare for birthday, graduation, wedding or holiday gift giving!

Organized365 138/365

Book A Win Win!

Donate books to the Little Free Libraries (LFLs) near you. As the weather warms and opportunities for walking increase, neighborhood LFLs will be seeing more traffic.

Support your community of readers AND trim down your bookshelf contents by donating books you have read or will not be reading to the Little Free Libraries in your area.

Organized365 139/365 There is so much talk about productivity and prime work time. When are you most productive?

Morning generally is my time of day, now it is any time the puppy is sleeping!

Remember that circumstances change so be nimble in your expectations.

Organized365 140/365

Wedding Planner Spreadsheet

Four friends, one many email messages does it take for 4 friends to plan an intimate wedding on a tight timeline? Contact Val with your guess and receive an event planning template.

Organized365 141/365

Summer Party Planning: Open to adventure

Whether you are hosting a backyard bbq or a cocktail party, fall back on your 'tried and true' drinks & food menus for the majority of the offerings. This allows you to open yourself to the adventure of trying one or two new offering without feeling that you have put your party's success at risk. Guests will appreciate their favorites from past events while you dazzle them with something new.

Organized365 142/365

Break Down Hosting Prep

Completing your to-do list items all at one time is not always possible. Chipping away at tasks over the course of several days allows you to have a sense of accomplishment and relieves the stress of having a mountain of tasks remaining in the last day or hours prior to guests arrival.

Organized365 143/365

Life in Flux

Recognize that the amount of clutter surrounding you will vary over the course of a month, week, day....

Activity levels fluctuate and this is reflected on our kitchen counters, office desks, etc.

Being aware of the circumstances creating what may feel like chaos puts you back in control. When this flurry passes, you will be able to quickly reassert order into your living or work space.

Organized365 144/365

Go Ahead: Over Do It!

Don't worry about being teased for overpacking or over planning. It truly is much better to have too many pairs of underwear in your carryon or too many bottles of water on your bike ride.

Feel goofy for always carrying cold medicine and cough drops? Don't believe the minimalists, the day a friend or colleague is in need you become a hero.

Organized365 145/365

Take A Break

Yep. Designate a day that is not going to be burdened with deadlines, projects and chores. What are the experiences that would appear during your 'perfect' day? Pick one or two and make it happen.

** Yes, you still have to wipe up spills and brush your teeth. LOL!