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Have Pet, Will Travel

Traveling with your pet this summer?

Package individual, pre-measured portions of food & medication into plastic containers to streamline feeding.

Not only will this be easier to track, it allows others to assist you and eliminates the danger of over/under feeding or giving wrong medication. Label containers with date/time and pet's name added to making this error proof.

NOTE: we use these strategies whether our pets are accompanying us or vacationing at their kennel.

Exercise and rest should reflect your pet's normal routine as closely as possible. Both will help ensure that your pet is happy and able to socialize safely. A tired and/or bored pet can become a cranky, possibly dangerous pet.

Bonus: get some exercise and rest with your pet. It will have a similarly positive impact on your attitude and socialization.

Plan in advance for your pet's safety. Precautions for our dogs include: a life vest for enjoying lake living and a long tracking leash for hiking to assist in avoid hazards such as a chance encounter with a porcupine. Watch those treats! Hazel loved ice cream but too much before a long car ride may not be the best choice for anyone.

Packing a separate bag with toys, treats, blankets, etc. will make it easier to find the pet item you need quickly.

Do your best to provide the comforts of home as you are able, then relax and enjoy your vacation.

Share your tips and tricks for summer adventures. We love hearing new ideas.

Need more support right now? Contact P2G Consulting to learn more about our service options and to continue planning a fun, relaxing trip for you and your pet!

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