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Organized 365: February

A month of organization in review.

This post represents 1/6 of 2018 (months not days) passing by and so far Team P2G has kept our resolution to post an organizing tip on social media channels every day of the year.

Review our February tips and follow us on FaceBook and Twitter to stay on top of what we have in store for the next 307 days!

Organized365 32/365

Delays starting a meeting can be frustrating. Have some quick tasks to occupy your attention or use the time to strengthen relationships with the colleagues who are in the room.

Organized365 33/365

Tab Hoarding?

Having several tabs open in your browser can make toggling between tasks easy. To many, however, end up taking longer to find the appropriate tab at the point of need. If you can't read the actual title of the tab, it is not saving you time.

Organized365 34/365

Kids Join In

Many parents employ tactics such as a "job jar" to help make chores around the home more interesting for kids. Here is an idea to add to your parental bag of tricks, a cootie catcher. Fold and go!

Organized365 35/365

Schedule for Goal Achievement

Carve out distinct time to devote to a project/goal and get it on your calendar. Regular progress will help form habits of time management increasing your work/life balance and reducing stress.

Organized365 36/365

Bogged Down with Meetings?

Prepping for meetings consumes a fair amount of your personal and professional life. Gather notes from past meetings and materials for upcoming meetings together in a folder or tote bag. Repeat for every group/project for which you attend regular meetings.

Organized365 37/365

Impact Meeting Outcomes

Jotting notes during a meeting can improve and increase your participation. Making a note of a point you wish to make allows you to continue listening and recall your idea or comment when it is appropriate for you to interject.

Organized365 38/365

Grab disinfectant wipes and take a quick turn around your home and/or office. Wiping down handles, your keyboard, and light switches can make a difference during flu season. Stay Healthy!

Organized365 38/365

Grab your toothbrush holder and glasses from your bathroom and toss them in the dishwasher. These items are often overlooked between deep cleanings and are a prime playground for germs. Make rotating and cleaning them part of your weekly cleaning maintenance.

Organized365 39/365

Hidden grime can provide a disgusting surprise. Arm yourself with cleaner and rags and head to the drains in bathrooms, kitchen, and utility sinks. Pull out the rubber guard in your garbage disposal and scrub the underside. Regular attention to these areas will spare you an unpleasant discovery.

Organized365 40/365

Sunshine is most welcome during short winter days, however, it is also prone to revealing dust where we least expect it. Grab a rag and follow the rays of sunshine through your home making sure to remove any cobwebs or dust bunnies from its spotlight.

Organized365 41/365

Jumpstart Your Monday!

Taking 10-15 minutes Sunday evening to review the top demands you will face tomorrow helps alleviate the dread Mondays can bring. Anticipating where you will need to focus your time helps avoid being derailed by requests from over the weekend.

Organized365 42/365

Keep That Door Open!

Monday mornings are hectic. You may be tempted to close the door to your office or put on a headset sending the message that you are busy and not available for conversation. This may cost more than is gained in collegial relationships.

Our colleagues often need to connect, share, and re-focus on a Monday morning. You don't have to hang by the water cooler for hours but paying attention to the morning buzz is critical.

Building relationships is one of the most important things that you do at work.

Organized365 43/365

Vacation plans feel spontaneous when you book your hotel as you go. If you are hoping to connect with friends in the places you visit this tactic can mean missed opportunities. Check in with friends in advance so they can plan to be free when you are in town. Once those plans are in place you can freestyle your way around them.

Organized365 44/365

Gear up for errands with a sequential strategy. Avoid backtracking by listing all of the tasks you hope to accomplish and then sorting them based on your route. Don't overlook the need to calculate in the times the places open! Streamlining and planning helps ensure you check items off your list with minimal frustration and stress.

Organized365 45/365

Home Office Refresh

Whether you work remotely or use your home office for paying bills, homework, etc., a periodic refresh can eliminate clutter, refocus purpose, and result in a productive work space.

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