Embrace Auld Lang Syne

The holiday season provides opportunities to reminisce, sharing and creating happy memories. Take advantage of these feelings of connection and warmth to contact friends you don't see often enough and reconnect with loved ones.

Starting with contact lists on your phone and in your email provides a good beginning. Clear the path and create time for enriching friendships by first deleting contact info for people who you cannot remember. There were a shocking number of these listed in my contacts.

Consider with whom you would most like to connect. Think about those you miss and reach out. Will you send an email, call, text or message on social media? What is the hoped for outcome a conversation, visit, dinner out?

Reconnecting can be rewarding on both a personal and professional level. Don't overlook the benefit of reconnecting with old colleagues whose company you enjoyed.

This is a joyful project you can work on throughout the year. Infuse your 2018 Auld Lang Syne with renewed friendships and new memories to cherish!

Have you successfully reconnected with old friends? Share your stories with us!

Need encouragement and support as you get started? Contact P2G Consulting to learn more about our coaching service options and begin your journey!

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