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12 Days to an Organized Christmas

Hum your way through these 12 tips and enjoy a more organized holiday season. On the first day of holiday organizing, my P2G friends gave to me...

A partridge in a pear tree...Too many partridges in your tree? Ornaments & holiday decorations can multiply over the years. As they come out of storage and are carefully placed in and outside the house, the items that never make it out of the boxes can be donated or discarded. You have simplified and added joy to someone else’s holiday.

2 turtle doves...Two turtle doves too many? Doves aren’t on many gift lists Create family and friend gift lists include sizes and colors & save for future year’s use. You can take advantage of sale prices and unexpected finds. Bonus, looking at the whole list will allow opportunities to buy multiples of that “perfect” gift!

3 French hens...Serving French wine instead of French hens? Plan all meals, dishes, and ingredients for both the meals you will host and those you will contribute to as a guest. What are your “go to” appetizers and which meals can be prepared or started early?

4 Calling Birds...No calling birds are needed. Call on loved ones and friends you want to reconnect with during or after the holidays. This is also the perfect time to reach out with a card, email, or text.

5 gold rings...Five gold rings sounds pricey! Purchase a few gifts today and reassess your progress. Do you wrap gifts as you purchase them or make an event of wrapping them all at once? Tags can be made from last year’s holiday cards, a great way to personalize and recycle at the same time.

6 geese a-laying...Skip the geese and lay the groundwork in your calendar. Pencil in concerts, parties, shopping, and events. What prep work needs to be done ahead of time? Pencil it in. Plan trips to the dry cleaner, grocery store, & post office to keep last minute issues to a minimum. Can you schedule in a massage or another way to pamper yourself? Go for it!

7 swans a swimming...Swimming through your lists? Celebrate your progress by taking in a concert, driving to see holiday lights, or with an impromptu dinner date. How do you celebrate the season?

8 maids a milking...Milking probably isn’t one of your chores, thank goodness! Get the most payoff for your effort by cleaning the most used rooms first - where you will host, prepare food, and of course all bathrooms and guest sleeping areas. Maintain by dusting, keeping floors, sinks, counters, showers, and toilets fresh with a daily once-over.

9 ladies dancing...Dance through an exercise class, light candles, have a long and relaxing soak in the tub. What allows you to pause, relax, and recharge?

10 lords a leaping...Fight off the urge to plop in a chair sighing "Oh Lord!". Instead leap into action and enjoy a performance, listen to the “all holiday music channel”, or surf your playlist. Music helps us celebrate the season. #12DaysofChristmas #PeaceandJoy

11 pipers piping...Attend a service that features your church’s pipe organ. Watch a favorite movie. Break out a family puzzle. Read favorite holiday books. Celebrate the season and your relationships by honoring annual traditions. Let the youngest member of the family suggest something new.

12 drummers drumming...Semi-homemade Saves the Day! Purchase frozen drummies and create a homemade dipping sauce or two for an accompaniment.

Streamline your time in the kitchen by taking advantage of pre-prepared items to reduce stress and make delicious dishes a snap.

Sit back and relax as you enjoy your holidays!

Need more support right now? Contact P2G Consulting to learn more about our service options and to continue your journey to a relaxing, drama free holiday, that honors the season.

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