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Hosting the Holiday Meal: Keep It Cool

You know to defrost the turkey in advance. The dinner rolls are baked and safely in the freezer. Guests are bringing salads and dessert. Everything is going according to plan. Phew!

Here are a few things to help you handle the unexpected situations that are bound to occur...

1. Use your "auxiliary" freezer...the garage. It is likely that guests will arrive with dishes that need to be kept cool until dinner is served. Making space in your refrigerator/freezer, by storing your perishable food in a cooler in the garage, allows you to graciously accommodate their needs.

2. Keep beverages cold by placing them in a "fun buddy" on the porch. Attach a bottle opener to the side for convenience. Guests can help themselves. Use several cooling containers designating one (or more) as reserved for "adult" beverages. Others can be marked as safe for young and old to enjoy as they like.

3. Finally, and possibly most important, keep your cool. Avoid spills and other disasters by planning where you will serve snacks. Bowls of nuts and plates of cheese will need to be kept up high if you will have small children and/or pets attending your holiday gathering. Scout out ideal spots in advance to avoid mishaps.

Have a damp towel or other cleaning items stowed in a convenient location for quick clean-ups. No one expects perfection and you shouldn't either, focus on having a fun and memorable time celebrating with those you hold dear.

Need more support right now? Contact P2G Consulting to learn more about our service options and to continue your journey to a relaxing and drama free holiday!

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