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Happy Kids for the Holidays

Delight in the joy of the children in your life this holiday season. Avoid these 3 challenges for your child and any children you may be hosting and you are on your way to a holiday filled with cherished memories.

Fresh fruit snack

1. Hungry kids are cranky kids. Plan to provide healthy snacks for your kid(s) and any children you are hosting or will be socializing with. Allergies are a concern here so coordinate with your host and/or other parents for safety and to eliminate disappointment. It's hard to be the only one not able to have a special dessert or snack. Communicating ahead of time may also prevent snack duty from falling entirely on your shoulders.

2. Tired kids are cranky kids. Routines are a common casualty of holiday social gatherings. Parties mean later bedtimes and travel can mean early rising. Plan to provide items that provide comfort and security to help your kid(s) rest whenever possible. Take pajamas to change into if you will be attending a dinner party that may run late. Packing a favorite blanket and/or pillow makes it easier for children to fall asleep in an unfamiliar home.

This works for pets too!

Girl and boy playing with blocks

3. Bored kids are (yep that's right) cranky kids. Books, games and movies all provide an outlet for cooped up kids and an opportunity to engage with other guests. Pack weather appropriate clothing so that kids can get outside and let off steam. Make sure to supervise rowdy games but keep in mind that loud giggles are preferable to tears and sulking.

Consider the age range of children at the holiday gatherings you will be attending and plan accordingly. Unless they are being paid for their time, do not assume that older children are willing to entertain little ones.

Include all ages in your planned activities. A family singalong, post meal hike or card game can strengthen familial ties while creating priceless memories.

Need more support right now? Can't wait for the next installment? Contact P2G Consulting to learn more about our service options and to continue your journey to a relaxing and drama free holiday!

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