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Pulled2gether: The Good Holiday Guest

When you are traveling for the holidays, preparations can be complicated. Begin your planning with these steps for a celebration that is relaxing and wonderful.

1. Break out the tasks you have ahead. Separate your travel planning from the planning needed to be a good guest.

2. Begin your travel plans. Will you need to purchase tickets? How many days will you be traveling? What sort of weather changes can you anticipate? What clothes are must haves for the trip? Pre-packing is a great way to avoid taking too much or forgetting critical items like medications.

3. Plan to be a good guest. Check in with your hosts well in advance and ask how you can contribute. Offer your go-to dishes but LISTEN to what your hosts request. You may offer to bring dessert but if the host needs you to bring green bean casserole that is what you should bring, even if it isn't your favorite. Consider your mode of travel, length of travel and cooling/heating requirements when planning food prep and transport. Nobody wants to be the cook that made everyone ill.

Finally, there are always special considerations, plan for those as well. Does your husband love Captain Crunch? Bring your own box, especially if your hosts do not have children. Do you tend to be chilly at night? Bring warm pjs and add fuzzy socks for good measure. Will the adults want to watch “the big game”? Bring something to entertain the kids and perhaps yourself as well.

Need more support right now? Can't wait for the next installment? Contact P2G Consulting to learn more about our service options and to continue your planning for a relaxing and drama free celebration!

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