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Pulled2gether: Holiday Season Hosting

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The holidays can bring a new dimension of stress, particularly when you are hosting. It's never too early to start thinking about the tasks your plans require.

1. Reflect on the depth and breadth of your commitment. How many people are you hosting? Will they be with you for one meal, several meals or will the visit span multiple days. It's pretty common to have some variation with lots of people for a big meal and a few staying overnight. You may want to have a planning list for each situation.

2. Plan your food. How many meals will you be serving? Will overnight guests need meals beyond breakfast and snacks? Will some meals be eaten out or at another home? Start your planning here. The amount of meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking/baking you need to do will depend on these numbers.

3. Plan for cleaning. List all of the rooms that will be heavily used by your guests. Don't forget space for children and/or pets to let off steam. Assume guests could "happen" into any room. The expected level of "clean" will vary by room. In bathrooms & kitchen, try for spotless. In a room that may not be seen at all, like an office, a quick vacuum and straightening is good enough.

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Finally, make a list of your best resource, your friends and family. How might they pitch in and assist you? With rare exception, guests are happy to pitch in and help. Consider what you need and who can best provide it. A guest who avoids meal prep may be a cocktail mixing genius. Put them to work! Do you best to match needs, skills, and individuals.

You get the idea. Breakdown your hosting tasks, enlist helpers, and revel in a warm gathering filled with love and laughter.

Want more support? Can't wait for the next post to continue your preparation? Contact P2G Consulting to learn more about our service options and how we can help reduce your stress while celebrating with loved ones.

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