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Pulled2gether: Dashing into the Season

Holiday Season Brings Joy ... (and stress)

Organizing is all about finding ways to be efficient and effective in order to enable more time and enjoyment in the areas of your life that you value. With that in mind, the Organizing Strategists at P2G Consulting arrive on the scene just in time to support your efforts to create a dazzling holiday experience for loved ones while retaining your sanity.

In the following weeks, months and years, you will have an opportunity to get to know us better. But first, let us get you through the holidays with minimum fuss and maximum joy.

To get you started:

  1. List the holidays and events you will be celebrating with loved ones in the coming months. For us that will include anniversaries and birthdays as well as Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year.

  2. Name the loved ones with whom you will be celebrating.

  3. Highlight those events that can not and will not be missed. The remaining events, are your stress relievers. You can decide how you will celebrate. Perhaps a phone call or hand-written note will work as well as getting together.

Give yourself permission to prioritize those people and events that you most value. Then join us as we continue planning to get maximum enjoyment from this holiday season.

We are thrilled to get started and share with you as we learn about your goals and dreams! Join us by sharing the celebrations in your future and the loved ones with whom you will rejoice.

Val & Kym

P2G Organizing Strategists

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